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the voice and soul behind dr.teeth

Meet the Founder

What is Dr.Teeth? I often come across this question & I just give a one-liner response: "Dr.Teeth is not a WHAT, it’s a WHO!" Simply put, we create “World’s most popular dental lectures” This journey started as a hobby of a girl (me) who simply loved two things: gadgets & teaching!
With the appreciation & feedback of thousands of students & clinicians this hobby seamlessly transformed into a dental academy.
Today Dr Teeth is the biggest dental education platform on YouTube with over 2.5 lakh subscribers. We’ve created hundreds of super-simplified animated dental tutorials which our students simply love. Trust me, we’re striving hard each day to bring more content for you but this is a really tough & time-taking process. The positive side is, I love doing this!


Dr. Malik Hina

MDS (Prosthodontist) CEO and Founder

My message to you..

Don’t let your choices be governed by your needs allow yourself the privilege to have exactly what you want. Stop fearing the unexpected, often failures start from fears.

Every journey begins with a single step. 

Dr.Teeth has trodden miles in this past span of 5 years, where I interacted with a wide spectrum of students. In this process, I understood their concerns, helped them learn and develop concepts. Needless to say, I too evolved in this journey and I hope to have the like in future.



I don’t just wish to be remembered for the impact of my educational tools and services but for the contribution in the achievement of one’s goal.


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