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Connected creativity

Meet the Team

Passion brought together smart, skillful, talented thinkers and unleashed their combined creativity on the world. We've got artists, geeks, strategists and some rebellious personalities in our crew.


Dr.Hina Malik

CEO and Founder

The voice and soul behind Dr.Teeth

Dr.Abdul Wahid

Content developer

Our think tank

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Dr. Mohd Zeeshan

Project coordinator

Our magician because of his constant invisible help 😉

Dr.Syed Subhani

Project coordinator

Quick fix of our problems


Creative Director

Amazes us with wow ideas

Dr. Anupriya
Anabiya Malik


We're thankful!

Our message to you..

Don’t let your choices be governed by your needs allow yourself the privilege to have exactly what you want.Stop fearing the unexpected, often failures start from fears.

Every journey begins with a single step. 

We have trodden miles in this past span of 2 years, where we interacted with a wide spectrum of students. In this process, we understood their concerns, helped them learn and develop concepts. Needless to say, we too evolved in this journey and we hope to have the like in future. Our parameters to gauge success are a bit unconventional !



We don’t just wish to be remembered for the impact of our educational tools and services but for the contribution in the achievement of one’s goal.

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