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  • Hope started taking the course Group logo of Dental materialsDental Materials PRIME 1 week ago


    Dental Materials PRIME

    by Dr. Teethin

    Let’s understand the properties, behavior, uses, and manipulation of the various materials used in dentistry.. all simplified, just for you!

  • Hope started taking the course Group logo of Pedodontics PrimePedodontics Prime 1 week ago


    Pedodontics Prime

    by Dr. Teethin

    Pedodontics is the dental specialty that focuses on treatment of infants, children, and young adults. In this premium series we’ll learn the topics covered in this specialty. More topics will be added in future. Let’s gear up, start learning today!

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  • Hope started taking the course Group logo of Orthodontics primeOrthodontics Prime 1 week ago


    Orthodontics Prime

    by Dr. Teethin

    Our premium videos are a result of hundred of hours of hard work simplifying the syllabus and making it presentable to create a ever lasting visual memory in your mind.
    Plus, We’re constantly adding more knowledge to this list so that you stay updated.
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