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How will Dr Teeth PRIME help me?

Our courses transform complex dental concepts into engaging visuals, saving you time and effort. We meticulously source our content from standard dental textbooks. Backed by clinical demonstration videos and beautifully illustrated dental notes, our videos provide a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience.

What subjects are covered in Dr Teeth PRIME?

We provide comprehensive materials on dental anatomy, oral pathology, prosthodontics, endodontics, oral surgery, periodontics, biochemistry, orthodontics, pedodontics, pHD, and much more. Our library is constantly expanding with new subjects, videos, and notes being regularly added.

Are the videos suitable for dental students of all levels?

Our Dental Videos are expertly designed to cater to the unique requirements of dental students at all levels of their education. From the very first year of dental school to graduation and beyond into post-graduate courses, our comprehensive videos have proven to be invaluable resources for all types of learners.

Can I access the content on multiple devices?

Our platform offers a seamless viewing experience on multiple devices. Access our videos and notes effortlessly on both Android and iOS devices. Please note that for security reasons, web viewing is not available. Additionally, you can log in to only one device at a time.

Are the videos accompanied by written notes or transcripts?

Many of our dental videos now include written notes or transcripts. However, please note that not every video currently has accompanying transcripts or notes. We are actively working towards providing transcripts/notes for all our videos in the near future.

Is there a free trial available for Dr Teeth PRIME?

We take pride in our extensive library of free videos on the Dr Teeth YouTube channel, which serve as a valuable trial for our viewers. With a 90% probability, you have likely already learned from our informative videos and can now make an informed decision when considering enrolling in Dr Teeth PRIME.

Can I access the videos and notes offline?

With our app, you can conveniently download specific videos and notes for offline viewing, allowing you to learn at your own pace and access content even without an internet connection. Please note that this feature does not save the video or notes directly onto your device. By restricting downloads to within the app, we ensure a secure and private experience, preventing any unintended sharing of valuable content.

Can I request specific topics to be covered in future videos?

We value your feedback and suggestions! Please feel free to provide us with your input and ideas. If you have any specific topics or subject areas you would like to see covered in future videos, please let us know. Our team will carefully consider your requests when creating new content.

Is there a refund policy in case I'm not satisfied with the content on Dr Teeth PRIME?

While we understand the desire for complete refunds, we currently do not offer them. Our videos are designed to be extremely time-efficient, allowing students to complete the course within a few days. This has led to a situation where some students request refunds after finishing the course. We encourage users to take advantage of our free content before making a purchase decision, as we believe it provides valuable learning opportunities. However, if you wish to upgrade your course, such as moving from a single course to a bundle course, we can accommodate this and adjust the fee accordingly.

Can I access Dr Teeth PRIME internationally?

Yes Dr Teeth PRIME is accessible to users worldwide. The platform is not restricted to specific geographic locations, allowing dental professionals and students from various countries to benefit from the educational content.

How long are the videos?

Our videos are designed to captivate your attention, with durations typically ranging from 10 to 30 minutes.

Can I excel my exams by just watching your videos?

For courses where we have covered the entire or most of the syllabus, the answer is yes! However, for ongoing courses where more topics are yet to be covered, it is essential to combine them with other study materials.

Do I get certificates on course completion?

Yes, we offer certificates upon completion of courses. These certificates can be a valuable addition to your professional portfolio and demonstrate your commitment to continuing education

Can I access the content in multiple languages?

As of today, our content is available in English only.

Will I have access to a teacher to solve my queries?

While most of our courses are pre-recorded, some also provide access to live webinars and Q&A sessions. However, no matter which course you choose, you can always interact with our instructors or subject matter experts through chat within the course. This allows you to easily address any queries you may have.

Will more content be added to my course?

Our courses are constantly updated to ensure that you receive the latest content. You can access all new materials and updates at no extra cost during your subscription period.

Which subscription would be the best for me?

Our lifetime subscription is our most recommended package as it offers unlimited access to all our past, present, and future content. With no expiration date, you can make a one-time purchase and enjoy all the benefits for as long as our platform exists. This means that any new courses, videos, or notes we add will be automatically provided to you at no additional cost. Invest in our lifetime subscription and unlock endless learning opportunities.

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