Imagine being in your final year of BDS, facing the daunting task of understanding complex dental concepts from textbooks. It was the year 2015 and Like many others, I turned to online resources for help, only to realize there were few medical YouTube channels but none dedicated to dentistry. It was frustrating to waste time flipping through countless books just to grasp a single topic. I Know you can relate! 

With a passion for teaching and knowing that many dental students faced the same challenges, I took matters into my own hands. As a hobby, I started a YouTube channel to simplify dental concepts through animated videos. My goal was to focus on understanding the concepts, eliminating the need for memorization.

To my surprise, the response was incredible. Hundreds of thousands of students worldwide benefited from my videos and demanded more content. Their enthusiasm fueled my dedication, and I knew I had found my life's purpose.

Since the past several years our dedicated team of specialists is passionately working towards simplifying dentistry for everyone. We have covered over 1000 dental topics and created a digital library of resources, including videos and digital notes (we call it 'Dr Teeth PRIME')

Watching students thrive and witness their academic lives transformed has been a constant source of inspiration for us. Today, Dr Teeth has become more than just a YouTube channel; it has evolved into a community of passionate learners, eager to comprehend dental concepts deeply and excel in their studies.

I invite you to join our community. Sign up and access our affordable yet extensive collection of videos and digital notes. Let us simplify your academic journey and help you embrace a new way of learning—one that focuses on understanding and mastery, rather than mindless memorization.

Join us as we simplify, comprehend, and excel.


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Welcome to Dr Teeth, where learning is exciting and every student thrives. With passionate teachers, and top-notch dental courses we support personal and academic growth. Simplifying dentistry through animated videos is our expertise. We also offer hands-on experiences via clinical demo videos bridging classroom learning with the clinical world. Join us in this journey of exploration and empowerment, unlocking endless opportunities for success and positive impact. Explore Dr Teeth PRIME today!

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